7 Top Information Niches You Should Get Interested In

Unfortunately some time has passed since I wrote the first post. Serious illness in my family… I had to take time off until now.

But it doesn’t mean that I lost interest in my own business of internet marketing – which I think is the best business for anyone who wants to make some extra money online.

You can sell anything on the Internet, from products like cameras, mobile phones or clothes to digitally delivered information like e-books, membership sites, templates/tools, videos, audio files/Mp3s, newsletters, software and online learning.

I personally have always been interested in digital products, and discovered that there are seven top information topics or niches one should get interested in:

  • How to” Products which are one of the best sellers. If you know how to fix your bathroom sink and make sure it stops leaking forever – that would sell.
  • Self-help/Relationships. There are lots of people wanting to improve themselves. Topics you see in the “Self-Help” section of your bookshop are good sellers – anything from goal setting to self-hypnosis to relationship advice.
  • Financial. Money and finance is another best seller. People are always looking for ways to increase their revenues or make financial savings.
  • Business/Moneymaking. Information on making money has been one of the oldest and definitely most popular ways of selling information. This could be industry specific, like selling information on classic cars, or making money with your computer.
  • Health/Fitness/Diet. Health and fitness is a HUGE market. If you think of beauty tips, weight-loss topics, and fitness, you will quickly realize how enormous this market is.
  • Skills Improvement/Training. There is a vast market for skills improvement, from vocabulary help to speed-reading and math skills.
  • Entertainment/Travel/Lifestyle. This last topic is always popular and using the internet as a communication medium is perfect.

As you can see there are plenty of options for personal interests which, is so important in business. If you like and are interested in any specific topic it will help you a lot in running such a business.

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