Be The Best You Can Be

You read some books which tell you things like ‘You can be anything you want. You just have to believe.’ I am sorry, but I think it’s total rubbish. Wishing for a million dollars will not make it happen somehow. Wishing for fame will not deliver it to your door by magic. But I don’t want to throw a bucket of cold water over your dreams. The dreams are fine but where is your reality check. You can have all the dreams you want, but you need to put something towards those dreams to make them work. You have to come to terms with your own talents and skills, and decide what you can do with them. It may not be possible to be anything you want, but it is possible to become something.

Decide what you are aiming for. Get a piece of paper and at the top of the page write down your aim. On one side write down the things that will help you make this happen. For example you might need to get some specific training or qualifications. On the other side write down your weak points. Once you have done this, you have to figure out how you can improve those weak points and maybe even get rid of them. Then stick single-mindedly to your goals!

The main thing is you have to have a firm idea of what you want and want it very badly, then take the right steps towards it. You don’t have to worry about going forwards quickly. What matters is that you are moving and that you keep on moving until you reach your goal, gaining so much experience and confidence in the process.

So, work with what you have instead of wishing for what you can’t have or what someone else has got.

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3 thoughts on “Be The Best You Can Be

  1. Barry

    Howdy Anna,

    Good post – straight to the point.

    I agree with you and have adopted the Japanese attitude of continuous improvement called Kaizen. I also find it kind of funny (okay, not really… 😉 ) that we don’t have a word in our culture for getting better on a regular basis and perhaps that is a clue as to why so few folks do it!

    Over time I’ve learned that improvement is easy if you make it a way of life (and start out really poorly…) and with bad old entropy breaking stuff down everyday, there is no way things stay the same for long.

    Thank you for asking people to consider life on a deeper level. That is an admirable and courageous trait you have there.

    I will be back to learn from you again, Anna.

    Have a grand day, missus.


  2. Janice Lawrenz

    Hi Anna,
    I really liked your post. Yes, hoping for things to change in one’s life won’t achieve much as you pointed out. I like the steps you suggest. Taking action is most important as well as consistent application. I have a goal book which I update regularly.

  3. Rosio Spearman

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