Building Your Client Base In The Offline World

Having an online presence for your business is vital these days, but there are still plenty of worthwhile ways to build your customer base offline. When you’re building a thriving cleaning business, you want to target local potential clients and meet them where they are. These are a few ideas to help you do that.

Referrals- Working “Word of Mouth”

Referrals are all about networking, it’s about using the contacts you already have to get the leads you want and deserve!

  • Set up a referral program with your existing clients, offer them a modest discount on their service when the refer someone new.
  • Offer a referral bonus to your employees for bringing you new clients. You could even turn it into a friendly competition or contest!
  • Give cards or fliers to family and friends so they can easily recommend you.

Putting a referral program in place that rewards current clients for recommending your services will do double duty. Not only will they want to bring you new clients so they can get a bonus or discount, but it will also build a sense of loyalty and reciprocity between you. Your clients will feel invested in your company and are more likely to stay with you long term.

Flyer Frenzy – Marketing with Flyers

Flyer marketing is a numbers game but strategic placement can yield a higher number of responses and leads.

  • Create attractive flyers advertising your services. If you are offering a special or a “first time” discount put that on there too.
  • Put your fliers on bulletin boards in libraries, coffee shops, community centers and anywhere it is welcome.
  • Different flyers for different folks. If you have different flyers that are aimed towards a certain group of potential clients (this is smart!) make sure you place them where they will be seen by the right people.
  • Get creative with your flyer placement; for example, the easiest way to get your flyer hung in a store is to ask. If you are a regular you will likely get a “Yes!”
  • Even more places to place your flyers/cards: nail salons, hair salons, dry cleaners, upscale stores and boutiques.

Meet and Greets – Places to Go, People to Sell to

Marketing your business offline is not just limited to the phone book and a local newspaper ad (those can be profitable too, you just need not stop there!) Face to face meetings are powerful, personal marketing strategies.

  • Join local networking groups for small businesses. Make friends and get leads!
  • Visit real estate offices in your city and give them your printed marketing material for move in and move out cleanings as well as cleanings for houses that they want to get ready to show.
  • Visit model homes and builder’s offices in your area, ask if you can give them coupons or other printed marketing material to put in their welcome packets for new home buyers.
  • Visit apartment complexes in your area and go into the office, give the manager your marketing material. Ask them if they would include your coupons or flyers in their new resident welcome packets.
  • Contact home owner associations in neighborhoods where you want to work, offer to give them coupons to include in their welcome packages for new homeowners in their neighborhood.
  • Visit local moving companies, give them cards or fliers.
  • Visit local self storage places. Give them cards or fliers and talk about referrals.
  • Consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce!
  • “Donut” Marketing- This one is one of my favorites and has a stellar closing rate. Basically it is you going to knock on the door of a potential lead source but not only are you taking your marketing material (fliers, cards, coupons etc.) but you are bringing them a gift. My old standby in Texas has always been a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

I have never been turned away at the door for soliciting while carrying free donuts. Ever.

– via Seo Maids, search engine optimization for house cleaning and maid services

How do you reach your local community to continue building your client base?

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