Fight For Your Dreams Every Day

You have hopes, you have dreams and you have plans. And then somebody comes and says to you ‘Well, how do you know it’s going to work?’ And because everything you do, every step you take, you believe it is worth doing you have to fight for your hopes and give it a try. If you don’t try it, you will never know.

Just because you want to do something, doesn’t mean the rest of the world shares your enthusiasm. Seeking approval from other people might seem like a positive thing to do. But it is not. People, even those close to you will say it’s only a dream, a waste of time and you should not go ahead with it. So then you start thinking that maybe it is not such a good idea after all. And that is the problem with seeking approval. When you have solid foundations and you base your dream on something that you are able to do in practical terms, don’t wait and don’t let anyone to stop you. Live in the real world – be practical about what you can do.

Please remember your hope and optimism has to have real foundations. You have a clear direction, you are organised and prepared. So your optimism is about looking out at the world and being upbeat about what could be done. Most of all, optimism and hope is something you have to fight for every day. And some days it won’t come easily, which is fine. But never, ever give up!

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2 thoughts on “Fight For Your Dreams Every Day

  1. Barry

    Hey Anna,

    Boy, do I ever agree with this post!

    My family and I have been through a couple of trials and tribulations and over time we developed a motto: Regardless, Press On.

    In the beginning it felt stupid to even have a motto, let alone employ the dang thing, but over the years it has served us well, especially in those times when we felt like throwing in the towel.

    Folks need all the encouragement they can get. Thank you for giving some to them.

    Have a grand day, missus.


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