Finding Clients For Your Cleaning Business

Despite the cleaning industry being a giant marketplace, studies have found that small, independently owned companies compete just as well as the larger ones. So as you start to carve out your local cleaning business niche, here is a simply guide for attracting and keeping great residential customers.

Attract Residential Cleaning Clients

Step 1

Distribute your marketing materials to homes in the area you have selected to provide services. Offer special discounts and promotions to win new clients.

For example, offer a Spring special offer to new clients who sign up with you during a specific period. Alternatively, link your special offers to holidays and occasions, such as Easter or Thanksgiving.

Step 2

Advertise in the classified ad section of your local newspaper and in online ad venues such as Craigslist. Put posters up in grocery stores and on community notice boards.

Take your flyers and business cards to your local pharmacy, veterinarian and library, and ask the managers to display them on their counters for you.

Write blog posts for your website to keep your content fresh and relevant, and to ensure your site comes up on the results pages when a prospective client uses a search engine to find a residential cleaning company in your area.

Step 3

Set up profiles for your business on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Link to your website and blog, and publish regular comments and special deals on your pages.

Ask your family, friends and satisfied clients to share your profile with their contacts, and offer referral incentives to those who send new clients to you.

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When it comes to continued success, it’s not just about finding enough new clients, it’s about KEEPING the best clients and turning them into cash-cow contracts that keep you working for them long term. First there are some basic attention-grabbing techniques, then an expert tip to help you make the most of customers and create long term success.

How to Keep a Steady Flow of Business

  • Sell more services to existing customers. Is there an opportunity to upsell more cleaning services to your current clients? Ask and see.
  • Network with related businesses. Say you run a carpet cleaning business. It would be smart to get to know the janitorial companies, window cleaners, and other businesses in your area. Many small-business owners refer clients who need services they can’t provide.
  • Think local. Being active in your community and local groups can help you form connections.

As the owner of cleaning services company, you know that business can come in fits and starts. One month, you’re too busy, running from customer to customer. A few weeks later, business slows to a crawl.

If you sign a long-term cleaning contract with a client, you’ll have a steady schedule, but those “cash cow” contracts can be hard come by. If you develop a good relationship with clients, consider offering them a long-term deal on your services. This gives your clients cost certainty, and you’ll benefit from the steady work from week to week.

Staying organized is another way to ensure your business has a steady flow of clients. Carefully schedule all your current cleanings and pay attention to current customers. Being organized now means that when business picks up, your operation will be capable of handling new customers.

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What is the best method you’ve used to find cleaning clients? Have you ever seen a local business advertise in an especially inventive and eye-catching way?

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