The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar

This 4 day seminar took place last week in London and it was packed. It was organised by the well known marketer Mark Anastasi, who invited many famous and less famous but successful speakers who shared with the audience their proven methods for making money online.

Let me just mention Mili Ponce and Paul O’Mahony, Georgina Lany, Armand Morin, Suraj Sodha, Shaqir Hussyin, Steven Essa, Paul Lynch & Mr FBX, Ben Hulme, Jani G, Kevin Taylor, Daniel Priestly, Kavit Haria, Sam Bakker, Glen Kirkham and others.

The audience discovered how you can turn Facebook contacts into $100,000+ a year

  • How an 18-year old student is making $45,000 a month thanks to Facebook apps
  • How Mr FBX built a 60,000-person list in 2 days
  • How Mr T. makes $36,000+ per month on AUTOPILOT thanks to Facebook
  • How Georgina Lany makes $8,000 a month on Autopilot
  • How Sam Bakker makes $30,000 a month with Facebook Management For Local Business
  • The Facebook ‘Builder Strategy’
  • The Facebook ‘Flipping Strategy’
  • How a 25-yeard old musician makes $3,000 a week thanks to Facebook.
  • How to get an Avalanche of Free Traffic thanks to Facebook
  • The future of Facebook mobile marketing and how you can profit from it!

…. And much, much more!

Everybody enjoyed themselves a lot and took masses of notes.

This event was the most cutting edge and revealing ever as the speakers shared the absolute latest in Facebook Marketing strategies… strategies that REALLY work for ordinary people. Giving the audience the most up to date unbelievably underground strategies to show you can explode your income and get off to the most amazing start for 2011.

Uncovering the exact methods the world’s TOP Facebook Marketers are using everyday to quietly siphon off huge profits from the internet… ALL thanks for Facebook!

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar

  1. Mandy Allen

    I recently read someone else’s review of this event, Anna, and she was just as enthused as you clearly are. A very good event to be at – even if the air conditioning didn’t work!

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..Don’t over commit

  2. Andy Beveridge

    Hi, yes I would have liked to attend that event as well. I have previously been to one of Mark’s seminars in London. So I know the value. I have built a fan page on traffic generation that has now over 3700 likes. So I would have loved to have learnt some more ideas on monetizing.
    I live in the Pyrenees now, so not quite so easy to get to all these seminars.
    Andy Beveridge recently posted..The Kindle Revoloution

  3. Grant

    I watched the said seminar on YouTube and I am impressed. It truly helped people in the event and have some good insights on the topics discussed. I do hope I can attend one in the future seminars as well.
    Grant recently posted..7 Rules to Get Your Ex Back

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