Monthly Archives: November 2012

Welcome to Anna-Ajina’s Blog

This is the first entry into Anna-Ajina’s Blog. The purpose of this blog is to record the growth and changes to my “internet business”.

My name is Anna Ajina, and it all started when my children were young and I couldn’t find any work around school hours. I decided that I had to be my own boss and make money myself. To cut a long story short because I could speak another language fluently I became a freelance interpreter. I started one or two other businesses which brought me some money. But I always had this thing about making money from home, just using a computer. It really appealed to me – low overheads and startup costs. You did not have to go anywhere, be accountable to any boss or be responsible for any employees. I researched the subject and found lots of people making money just in this way. Continue reading