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What Are The Four Stages Of Growing Your Business?

When you start a business you generally do everything yourself. You answer phone calls, buy stationery, do filing and carry out a lot of other tasks that takes your time and attention from the most important thing – getting new clients. There is nothing wrong with that. You do not want to remortgage your house and hire staff at this stage.

But most people get stuck in this stage. They don’t realize that to grow the business and after turning a nice profit year after year they have to hire staff and get help and then duplicate themselves. So stage one is Continue reading

How To Start Out Strong

When you’re building a new business, it’s often the case that you need to have a second form of income to keep your personal and professional life afloat. But how can you find balance between the two but still start out strong and find the true success you seek? Working multiple jobs – and succeeding at each – is absolutely a possibility! You just need to take a little extra care in each step along the way. Continue reading

How Much Money Do I Need To Start a Cleaning Business?


Starting up a cleaning business need not cost a lot of money especially if the service that you are offering is mainly your time and experience. Little expense is needed for equipment or products. A little capital to put into the company would help. £500 for example spent wisely would be an optimum start.

There are so many approaches to starting up a business. Here we focus on two. Continue reading

What Is It All About


If you ever thought that you would like to run your own business, a domestic cleaning agency start-up is an ideal one to think about. I have run a few businesses in the past but I must say that running a domestic cleaning agency was one of the easiest and most profitable business I had. It helped a lot in putting my children through private education and universities. This is based on my own experience of running a cleaning agency for many years. I am an expert in this field now and I want to HELP other people to achieve the same results. Continue reading

What Is Good Failure And Bad Failure In Business?

Business ideas fail. Businesses fail. It happens. But I believe failure can be good. There is no better way of learning fast, of learning how to do it correctly – next time. Nothing drives home a complex set of lessons faster and more durably than landing on your ass. Failure is an essential, natural and inescapable part of learning. Failure in the end leads to confidence, clarity and commitment. Continue reading