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Start With the Small Steps

If you start something with the hardest task, you will quickly wear yourself out. You need to start with things you know you can do with a minimum of effort. Working this way means that you don’t fall at the first hurdle, and that will give you more confidence. Work on today and leave tomorrow until the time comes.

 From the beginning surround yourself with positive people. You want to feel good about the project. Decide what the basics are, get them right and then you can build on them.

 Paying attention to the small details is something that some organisations forget at their peril. On the other hand, it doesn’t pay to get carried away with the small things when they don’t matter. Put perfection to one side and just think about improving bit by bit.

Be The Best You Can Be

You read some books which tell you things like ‘You can be anything you want. You just have to believe.’ I am sorry, but I think it’s total rubbish. Wishing for a million dollars will not make it happen somehow. Wishing for fame will not deliver it to your door by magic. But I don’t want to throw a bucket of cold water over your dreams. The dreams are fine but where is your reality check. You can have all the dreams you want, but you need to put something towards those dreams to make them work. You have to come to terms with your own talents and skills, and decide what you can do with them. It may not be possible to be anything you want, but it is possible to become something. Continue reading

Make Money From Your Hobby

Many people are passionate about their hobbies. They make time in their lives for them, spend lot of money on them, and even sometimes move their homes, families and jobs just to be closer to their hobbies!

But even if you just enjoy your hobby and perhaps wouldn’t class yourself as a fanatic, wouldn’t it be great if you could earn money online – possibly even a full-time income, from simply telling others people about your passion?

Well it’s not just a dream – it’s VERY possible. Continue reading

7 Top Information Niches You Should Get Interested In

Unfortunately some time has passed since I wrote the first post. Serious illness in my family… I had to take time off until now.

But it doesn’t mean that I lost interest in my own business of internet marketing – which I think is the best business for anyone who wants to make some extra money online.

You can sell anything on the Internet, from products like cameras, mobile phones or clothes to digitally delivered information like e-books, membership sites, templates/tools, videos, audio files/Mp3s, newsletters, software and online learning.

I personally have always been interested in digital products, and discovered that there are seven top information topics or niches one should get interested in: Continue reading

Welcome to Anna-Ajina’s Blog

This is the first entry into Anna-Ajina’s Blog. The purpose of this blog is to record the growth and changes to my “internet business”.

My name is Anna Ajina, and it all started when my children were young and I couldn’t find any work around school hours. I decided that I had to be my own boss and make money myself. To cut a long story short because I could speak another language fluently I became a freelance interpreter. I started one or two other businesses which brought me some money. But I always had this thing about making money from home, just using a computer. It really appealed to me – low overheads and startup costs. You did not have to go anywhere, be accountable to any boss or be responsible for any employees. I researched the subject and found lots of people making money just in this way. Continue reading